Duke’s Mayo Classic FanFest

Join us on game day for the 2020 Duke’s Mayo Classic FanFest, outside of Bank of America Stadium on September 26th!

Welcome to Charlotte for the big game. Head over to Bank of America Stadium early for the official Duke’s Mayo Classic FanFest, featuring live music, food and beverages, a kids’ zone and more. FanFest has it all, and is the place to be before the teams hit the gridiron. Free to the public, the Duke’s Mayo Classic FanFest is the ultimate fan experience before kickoff.



TBA      FanFest opens to public

TBA      FanFest ends



What are the operating hours of FanFest?

Where is FanFest located?
FanFest is located on Mint Street between Morehead Street and Stonewall Street. The Main Stage is located at the intersection of Mint Street and Morehead Street/Stonewall Street.

What time is the mainstage band performance?

What is the schedule of events for FanFest?
Schedules are posted on the information tower or see FanFest schedules.

What time will alcohol sales end?

Where can I purchase food and beverage?
Food trucks and beverage trucks are located throughout FanFest along Mint Street.

Where can I buy team apparel?
You can purchase team apparel online at belkcollegekickoff.com/shop or visit the Team Store in Bank of America Stadium at the corner of Graham Street and Mint Street. You can access the Team Store from FanFest or from inside the Stadium.

Where is my team’s ticketed tailgate/activity located?

What items are NOT allowed in FanFest?
The following items are not allowed:

  • No pets
  • No outside food or drink
  • No coolers
  • No weapons

Where can I purchase beer and what time will beer sales end (FanFest located on Mint Street)?
See map for beer tents; FanFest beer and wine sales end at TBA.

Where is lost and found located?
Lost and found is located at the main stage at Mint Street and Stonewall Street.

Is my bag allowed into FanFest or Bank of America Stadium?
Refer to the clear bag policy. If a fan has a bag that is not approved, please direct them to the mobile locker/bag check located at the information tent located on Morehead/Mint Street (near the overpass).

Can I enter if I already have a clear bag?
As long as you have a clear bag, you can enter the FanFest area and the Stadium from any entrance.

Where is the nearest restroom or ATM?
See FanFest Map.

What should I do in the case of an emergency?
In the event of first aid needs, medical attention, serious injury or death to patrons or event staff, locate the nearest police officer if medic (first responder) is not nearby. The police officer will radio to mobile command seeking for medical attention at the location of the injured. For emergencies, please call 911.

What should I do if I lose a lost child or find a lost child?
If you have a lost child, please report to the Graham Street Information Tent. Please be prepared to provide a description of the child and clothing they are wearing and where they were last seen. If you are stopped by a child that is lost, please locate the nearest police officer.  He or she will then assist with next steps and getting the child to the Information Tent at Graham Street.

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    Join us on game day for the 2020 Duke’s Mayo Classic FanFest outside of Bank of America Stadium on September 26th.

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